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Alkalize & SuperGreens
Many people have begun the PH MIRACLE to  alkalize their body using diet and  chlorophylls, as found in Super  Greens.  You can order this item directly and at discount by going to my  site below and enrolling as either a Preferred customer (to save 15%)   or get another 10% reduction for  25 % total by becoming a distributor  on  monthly auto ship. It is all here at: 
Super Greens Discounted

Our  children should not be used as guinea pigs. So it's time to update the  law and protect them. We cannot waste this opportunity. -- Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
EWG  tested the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn babies and found nearly  300 chemicals, including BPA, fire retardants, lead, polychlorinated  biphenyls (PCBs) and pesticides that were banned more than 30 years ago.
Speak up for change. Our kids deserve it.
Bills  to overhaul federal toxic chemicals policies are now moving through  Congress. They would require that all chemicals be proven safe for  children before they can be sold. Lawmakers in Washington need to know  that you want strong reforms for our broken toxics law.
Please sign this petition to demand that Congress take action to make chemicals in consumer products kid-safe.  LINK HERE

18 Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate You or Your Children Against the Flu
This year it is more important that you protect your children and loved ones from the flu vaccines than influenza itself.  LINK to access.  

ALSO -  You'll remember our summer CCH issue highlighted  Jane Burgermeister filing criminal charges with the FBI against the  World Health Organization. Read more about it and how other nations are  dealing with it. (thanks Arthur V)  LINK to access


In  his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film  director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government  health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly  safe. If multiple vaccines are safe, what can account for the rapid  increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at  epidemic proportions? (1 in 150 kids)  and why isn't the sudden onset of  neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by  our government and medical industries? Weaving together interviews with  many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians  specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization,  congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine  Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health  and future of children.

Vaccine Nation Trailer

Resposne to Mandatory Vaccination
Regarding  mandatory vaccination, the civilized world community has already ruled  on this issue based on Nazi atrocities. See the  NUREMBERG CODE Directives for Human Experimentation that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. 
From: Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals 1946

Jacko's secret message
Before he died, Michael Jackson made a definite shift from pure  entertainment to entertainment with a strong social statement. His  commentary was not flattering to the powers that be. It must be a great  relief to those who don't want the pot stirred that Jackson  accidentally, coincidentally, and conveniently died because of his  ghastly addiction to drugs right before he was primed to explode again  on the world scene.
M Jackson Video

AUTISM: How Much Longer?
In the past decade, we've asked for government aid,  insurance coverage, and meaningful research for our children with  autism. We've asked for the abuse in schools to stop, for vaccines to be  held to higher safety standards, and for our children to be treated for  their medical issues. Most of all, we've asked for autism to be  declared a national health crisis.

We've asked for these things  politely, impolitely, loudly, softly, creatively, professionally, in  small numbers and in large...we've asked and we've asked again. But as  it stands today, we have more cases of abuse, wandering-related deaths,  seizure-related deaths, bankruptcies and divorce in our community than  ever before.

With the fatigue that comes from constant uphill  battles, along with a gross lack of resources, we live in a permanent  state of asking one question:How Much Longer?

How much longer will we continue to see the numbers climb? And our  children die? And research funding go to the wrong places? And our  children be abused? And health agencies avoid the real issues?  Really,  how much longer can this crisis continue before we turn a corner? When  it's 1 in 75 kids? 1 in 50? 1 in 25? Do we really want it to get that  point? Tired or not, we have to kick it up a notch.

So our plea to you is this: take two minutes out of your day on 09-09-09 to join our How Much Longer For Autism campaign - a mass  mailing/faxing/calling campaign done through NAA's easy web-based  advocacy software. It costs nothing, and could finally create the  awareness we need.

Will you help? Say yes only if you don't mind a little controversy. This campaign  isn't warm and fuzzy and it's far from polite. It's edgy, sarcastic and  harsh at times, but when you live day to day seeing an increasing number  of children suffer from vulgar abuse, impossible challenges, even  death, you tend to put graceful asks aside for a message that people  might actually notice.

Will you help spread awareness? Take a stand for a healthier future? Raise your voice for civil rights and an end to abuse? get ready to join us on 09-09-09!

CLICK for more information and to preview our 09-09-09 messages

Good one to OBAMA

Important Health Information

I am always surprised  and amazed how many people getting this ezine have health problems and  do crazy things wasting their time and money.   If you are reading this,  I probably know you. So here is a remember that I am happy to help you  at anytime to make specific suggestions for most health challenges. Just  email me. You probably don't have easy or free access to many people at  my level of medical expertise, so use it if you really need it. We are  all in this together. If you require more serious or ongoing attention  then we may need to have a more formal doctor-client relationshi and  that's OK too.

Having said that, many of the queries I get are  about the same things - diet, detox, colds and flu.  There are basic  important things you can do if you fall ill. I have written about this  so much, and much of it is on our
National Candida Center website that I will just 'bottom line' it here: 

Get IMMUCORE and use hourly at the first onset of illness.
For antibiotic use. Get
PROBOULARDI and take before, during and after the course.  These are highly  specific 'medical food' not found in a health food store. You can order  from our Natural Pharamcy

Here is my story with my own kids just within the past month:
Elizabeth  (my 12yr old) got STREP -  fever, sore throat, swollen tonsils.  She  needed an antibiotic (yes even I will use them but only when really  necessary) We supported with IMMUCORE and both probiotic bacteria and,  more importantly, probiotic yeast to avoid the inevitable complications  (gas, bloating, diarrhea, IBS).     

The big miracle was a week  later when Noah (4yrs) told me his body was hot (then cold, ie, chills)  and his throat hurt.  I immediately gave him IMMUCORE hourly. By bed he  had a burning fever but slept thru night and VOILA - by morning all  gone, no fever, no sore throat.  Continued IMMUCORE / IGGs through next 2  days every 3 hours to be sure it was gone.

This QUICK ACTION  avoided a typical 10 day illness, antibiotics, etc.  The key is taking  immune boosting supplements immediately.  IMMUCORE is the best Immune  booster I have seen clinically. If you know one better, let me know and  I'll use and promote it.  Train yourself and kids to tell you
as soon as they see signs of illness then take real immune boosters (IMMUCORE  doubles white blood cell count within the hour). Get some so it is on  hand when needed. Get Proboulardi when you need it.

Avoid over  the counter drugs (Tylenol, aspirin, etc) as they weaken the immunity  and prolong the illness (this is not conjecture, it is the result of  numerous independent studies).

GMO Food Alert

Calls For Immediate Moratorium On Genetically Modified Foods by The American Academy Of Environmental Medicine.  
Wichita,  KS - The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) today  released its position paper on Genetically Modified foods stating that  "GM foods pose a serious health risk" and calling for a moratorium on GM  foods  HERE

GMO: Genetically Modified Food & Our Kids.  She  calls it Franken-food, genocide. Strawberries grown from seeds injected  with DNA from arctic flounder fish to make them frost resistant. Seeds  pumped with suicide genes that yield an infertile harvest so  corporations can profit from a patent placed on the plant's genetic  code. Wheat injected with bacteria that renders  its grain resistant to  pesticides and insecticides. Cows injected with artificial sex hormones  so they produce more milk. It's  the existence of these genetically modified organisms (GMOs)-some on  the market, some not-that make Sarah Rogan, mother of three, visibly  shaken and uneasy at the mere thought of her children eating  fast food  or school lunch, whether it's green beans or pizza. HERE

Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World -  Engdahl's  primary conclusion from his research into the forces behind the genetic  engineering paradigm is that this entire field has been developed for  the sole purpose of being used as a weapon of depopulation.HERE

The Dark Side of Vitamin Water?
Or, Why it's not the best idea to rely on a soft drink company for your vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Now  here's something you wouldn't expect. Coca-Cola is being sued by a  non-profit public interest group, on the grounds that the company's  Vitamin Water products make unwarranted health claims. No surprise  there. But how do you think the company is defending itself?  In  a staggering feat of twisted logic, lawyers for Coca-Cola are defending  the lawsuit by asserting that "no consumer could reasonably be misled  into thinking Vitamin Water was a healthy beverage."     Does  this mean that you'd have to be an unreasonable person to think that a  product named "vitamin water," a product that has been heavily and  aggressively marketed as a healthy beverage, actually had health  benefits?  MORE INFO

Health Food Mental Disorder
In  its never-ending attempt to fabricate "mental disorders" out of every  human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing a disease  they've invented: Healthy eating disorder. This is no joke: If you focus  on eating healthy foods, you're "mentally diseased" and probably need  some sort of chemical treatment involving powerful psychotropic drugs.
This "disease" is called orthorexia nervosa --  Latin for "nervous about correct eating."  Orthorexics  commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt,  caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is  just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into  contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are  also out.
Eating  junk food is assumed to be "normal?" If you eat processed junk foods  laced with synthetic chemicals, that's okay with them. The mental  patients are the ones who choose organic, natural foods, apparently. READ it HERE

  Seven Food Products Banned in Europe
But Still Available in the U.S.
Seven Food Products Banned in Europe Still Available in the U.S. LINK to article
endless lists of the 10 most x,y,z.
This might keep you busy for a long while so be careful!

High Fructose Corn Syrup linked to Obesity
Scientists have FINALLY proven for the first time that High Fructose Corn Syrup, a cheap form of sugar used in thousands  of food products and soft drinks, can damage human metabolism and is  fuelling the obesity crisis.  Fructose, a  sweetener derived from corn, can cause dangerous growths of fat cells  around vital organs and is able to trigger the early stages of diabetes  and heart disease.  Experts believe that the sweetener could be a factor in the emergence of diabetes among children.   LINK TO ARTICLE

Don't Buy Food You See Advertised

Real food is not advertised. It doesn't need to be. And that's really all you need to know.
"Energy,  healthcare, agriculture, climate change, global outbreaks like swine  flu-what do all these topics have in common? Food. That's right, none of  these issues can really be tackled without addressing some of the  fundamental problems of the food system and the American diet.

No one has captured the zeitgeist of this event like Jon Stuart of THE DAILY SHOW.
"Swine flu has claimed 149 lives in Mexico so far -- ranking it last on the list of things that can kill you in Mexico."

Funny More

So  the alarm turned out to be WAY overblown.  Thank goodness.  Regardless,  it gave us all cause to look and see how prepared we are for such an  event.   The best defense is a strong immune system.  The single best  immune booster I have seen clinically and which I use with my own family  and recommend all clients have on hand is called IMMUCORE. It is  designed to provide a multiple mechanistic approach to support a healthy  immune system function response by enhancing activities of macrophages,  natural killer cells, and T cell subsets. WOW !  Does yours do that?   To order ($30) call National Candida Center at 407.321.1377 or log into  our
Natural Pharmacy

While  the New Year is often the time we start new things, anytime is a good  time to start a Detox and Cleanse of your physical body.  Twice a year  (every 6 months) will transform your entire life.  Go to this site to  see 4 levels of cleanse which you can do using proven, medical-level  supplements and alkalize diet. Detox and Cleanse LINK