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Crop Circles

Crop  Circles 2009 - 2010 - A well produced recap of all the main crop  formations of 2009.  There is lots of theory and speculation as to by  whom and why these are being made, but there is nothing conclusive that  everyone agrees upon as being the accepted truth about crop circles. We  seem to know less about them then the UFO Space Brother species who live  here among us. A VERY WELL SPENT 7 MINUTES  HERE


Crop circle predicts solar events

At  first it might seem bizarre that complex pictures in a field could  accurately predict some "unknown" future event, but this has happened  six times already from 1994 to 2007: (see below). We seem to have no  choice but to follow wherever such new images lead, or else (as Thomas  Huxley once wrote) we will learn nothing. 

LINK TO Solar Crop Predictions